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The Monster is Me The Monster is Me

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm amazed at how your videos almost always seem to be about whatever I happen to be dealing with at the time, this one especially. I've shut myself out from the rest of the world so much, not even the internet feels like a safe place anymore. How little I talked in the NATA chat is evidence of that, but I digress.

Great choice of music, great animation, great symbolism, great story. I'm glad that you left it open ended because it's never that easy. To show her fighting against it instead of overcoming it completely is a lot more fitting and honestly it'd be hard to show her overcoming it in a way that felt real in such a short video.

I did find it a little bit confusing though. Are those figures supposed to be actual people she doesn't want to deal with, or her inner demons? Maybe both? What's going on in that scene where she's handed that huge stack of paper and one of the figures is shaking their head? Your last video was a little confusing too, I think you need to think your scenes through a little better and/or get a couple outside opinions. It's all too easy to assume that something that is obvious to you is just as clear to a complete stranger.

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